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ABB Value Provider


We are very honored to be ABB VALUE PROVIDER this year.
Maple-Tek can provides ABB measurement products support and services for your complete systems.

What is ABB Value Provider (AVP)?
The ABB Value Provider Program is a global channel partner program for distributors, wholesalers, panel builders, installers, service providers, system integrators, or power product OEMs. Authorized members of this premium program are called ABB Value Providers.

The authorization program is a procedure to guarantee that the services the customer receives from the ABB Value Providers are on the same leading level as the quality of the ABB products, both globally and locally. Once authorized as ABB Value Provider, our partners have in-depth knowledge of local markets and are conversant with the defined ABB products and processes

Benefits for Customers
Higher Productivity
  • Customers know that ABB Value Providers have invested time and resources to become more knowledgeable on ABB products, tools and processes. Therefore, they are better suited to advise on how their products are applied in the end user’s environment.
  • Customers know that ABB Value Providers have access to the latest ABB tools and resources, including product updates, service notes, new products, etc. 
  • With these deliverables, supported by their enhanced product and process knowledge, ABB Value Providers can address their customers’ most pressing production challenges in the most knowledgeable way.Maple-Tek_ABB AVP Authorization Certificate_2023