Products Corken PT/PZ/Z Series Pump Sliding Vane Pumps

Corken PT/PZ/Z Series Pump Sliding Vane Pumps


Corken PT Series Pump Sliding Vane Pumps

  • O-ring design delivers maximum sealing capability and is available with optional seal materials.
  • Corrosion resistant bypass valve made of nickel plated cast iron.
  • Available with a standard bypass valve or an optional air operated valve (AOV) for high and low flow control.
  • Additionally, the AOV relieves the pressure in the lines for easier handling of the hose nozzle.
  • Reliable mechanical seal design with optional seal materials. Heavy duty ball bearings provide greater durability and strength.
  • Hollow rotor helps reduce weight.
  • Available with a T-style strainer that keeps your pumping system free from damage caused by welding slag and foreign materials left in the piping or tank.
  • Conveniently located drain plug allows you to empty the pump quickly when necessary.
  • Positive displacement sliding vane design delivers higher pumping efficiency and a lower noise level.
  • The self adjusting vanes extend the life of the pump by compensating for wear.
  • Installation is simple since the PT-Series pumps are dimensionally interchangeable with the competition.
  • Viton®1 elastomers ensure compatibility with a wider range of fluids such as biodiesel and ethanol blends.

Corken PZ Series Sliding Vane Pump

  • The Corken PZ-Series petroleum pumps offer the industry a choice in pump brand for greater flexibility and independence in the configuration and outfitting of fluid transfer systems and fuel delivery tankwagons. The pumps match common industry-standard flangeto-flange and mounting footprint dimensions for easy incorporation into existing or new vehicle layouts. And, they provide features that will be appreciated by system designers, truck outfitters, and end-user fuel marketers.
  • When it comes to ease of doing business, product functionality, and breadth of product offering, Corken and Liquid Controls are your single source solution for transporting, dispensing and controlling high value fluids and gases. Common corporate ownership and shared distribution enables them to greatly simplify the procurement process. Rather than placing multiple orders, a customer can combine a pump, meter, and register into a single order.
  • Corken’s mechanical seal, fitted with Viton® O-rings is compatible with refined petroleum products including gasoline, fuel oil, kerosene, diesel fuel, AvGas, and others so you can pump nearly any product you are carrying without changing seals.

Corken Z Series Sliding Vane Pump

  • Controlling thrust loads and cavitation are critical for extended pump life.
  • Large diameter non-metallic pins are not speed sensitive so you can operate the pump at a higher RPM and not damage the pump.
  • High tech materials used on cam and blades extend the life of the pump.
  • Up to 7% or more capacity at 640 RPM.
  • Unlike other three-inch stationary pumps rated at 640 RPM, the Z3500 is rated up to 800 RPM providing higher capacity without damage.
  • Maintenance is made simple. When it becomes necessary to service the pump, all you need to do is remove twelve head bolts to inspect the bearings, seals, sideplates, rotor, vanes and vane drivers.
  • Retrofits the Corken model 1021 pump and other three-inch competitive pumps with little or no change in piping.
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