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Terra DC wallbox


Terra DC wallbox
Complying to UL standards

Terra DC wallbox is a futureproof investment supporting current and future EVs with high voltage charging, applicable to a wide variety of use cases, in an ultra-compact footprint, that is safe and reliable, for residential use too.

Main benefit

  • Futureproof investment supporting current and future EVs           with  high voltage charging
  • Space-savings with easy-to-install design
  • Broad range of connectivity options
  • Remote software updates
  • Certified with FCC Class A (1- Phase) and FCC Class B (3-               phase) protection for safe use in residential areas
Main features
  • Complying with UL standards
  • Single phase 19.5 kW @ 208 V, 22.5 kW @ 240 V / 100 A input
  • Three phase 0 – 22.5 kW, 24 kW (peak) @ 480 V / 32 A input
  • DC output 60 A
  • Charging voltage: CCS 150 – 920 V DC, CHAdeMO 150 – 500 V DC
  • Protection NEMA 3 & IP54
  • Overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, ground-fault, surge  protection, PE continuity monitoring and leakage current  monitor protection integrated
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