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Process recorders
From the plant floor to the field, the ScreenMaster range of paperless recorders represents the latest in electronic data recording and analysis. Whether for localised data display or plant-wide access to process information, ScreenMaster data recorders give you fast and easy access to detailed data on your process, supported by an extensive array of data security features that meet the most stringent requirements.

When it’s time to review what you’ve recorded, ABB’s DataManager Pro PC-based analysis software quickly gives you an in-depth picture of what’s happening in your application.

For those who prefer a traditional paper record, there’s also the proven Commander range of circular chart recorders, which offer a host of advanced features including flow totalization.

All our recorders have a high degree of dust and water protection, many to NEMA 4X and IP66 as standard. Bright and clear displays mean process status can be seen at a glance. A high specification of I/O connections such as universal inputs and transmitter power supplies are provided within the standard instrument build.

Our offering

Paperless recorders

ABB’s ScreenMaster paperless recorders provide a reliable,cost-effective and secure solution for paperless data recording and analysis.

Touchscreen paperless recorder



The RVG200 recorder takes the established operating and security benefits of the ScreenMaster range one step further. Features include touchscreen ‘swipe’ operation, front and rear USB ports for connecting peripheral devices (including a barcode scanner and keyboard) and Ethernet and RS485 communications. Up to 24 process signals can be connected to the RVG200’s analog inputs or transferred to it via digital communications.

As with all devices in the ScreenMaster paperless recorder range, the RVG200 features extensive security measures to protect against un-authorized tampering with process data, compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements. Standard security features include the ability to configure and allocate multiple users with individual password and access rights. All recorded data is also securely stored by the RVG200’s 256 Mb of internal flash memory, that can be expanded to 2 GB if required.


Field-mount paperless recorder


A fully sealed IP66 and NEMA 4X enclosure ensures full protection against water and dust ingress, making the SM500F ideal for hose-down and dirty applications in even the most hostile environments. A choice of mounting options together with an ultra-slim design means the recorder can be installed in virtually any location, from panel and wall to pipe. Front-mounted pushbuttons allow easy selection of data in a user-friendly Windows™ environment. Commissioning, setting and fine tuning is easily performed using the simple and concise menus. Added support is provided by an extensive, context-sensitive, inbuilt help feature.

Fully compliant with the FDA’s (Food and Drug Administration) 21 CFR Part 11 regulations concerning electronic process data collection, the SM500F is ideal for any installation where local indication and recording of process conditions is required. Typical applications include the monitoring of temperature, humidity, cold storage, warehouses, effluent and boreholes. 


With over 100 years experience in the industry ABB’s circular chart recorder offering is world class. Our range is extremely easy to use, offers up to four pens, NEMA 4X and IP66 environmental protection, integrated PID control and data logging.

►Advanced circular chart recorder --> C1300
►Single pen circular chart recorder --> C1901
►Circular chart recorder / controller --> C1900
    -One control unit (C1911,C1912,C1913,C1914)
    -Two control units (C1922,C1923,C1924)
►Pasteurizer recorder / controller --> C1950
    -The C1951 recorder and C1952/C1953 recorder/controllers
►Multi-recipe profile recorder / controller --> C1960
    -Four versions C1961 / C1962 / C1963 / C1964
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