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Top-Quality Proximity Probes

Metrix Vibration stresses the importance of vibration monitoring equipment at an affordable price. For over 20 years, we have been ISO-9001 certified, striving to improve our manufacturing process. Our products are top of the line and reliable for the multiple industries we serve. Metrix proximity probes are compatible with Bently Nevada® Series 3300XL, 3300, 7200, and 3000, which include the latest technology and agency approvals. We offer a 36-month warranty that our products will live up to our name.

MX8030 Proximity Probe

Metrix* MX8030 probe series consist of 5mm and 8mm tip diameter probes with VibeLock™* connectors and Triaxial Cables.  VibeLock™* ensures the proximity probe and extension cable connection is made properly and stays connected. No special tools are required.  The Triaxial Cable provides an extra protective barrier for the proximity probe cable system to prevent excessive wear during installation.

TightView™ Proximity System

NEW TightView™ Proximity System was designed to fit very tight spaces and provide an excellent linear measurement compared to competitive products for similar applications.

MX2030 Probe Series

Metrix MX2030 probes offers a full 80 mil (2mm) range, available in 5mm and 8mm, and are designed to offer full API 670-compliant performance characteristics when used with a matching MX2031 extension cable and MX2033 driver. MX2030 probes are fully interchangeable with Bently Nevada 3300 and 3300 XL 5mm/8mm probes. 

10000 (3000) Probe Series


.190 & .300mm tip diameter probes. Available in 15 ft. or 20 ft. lengths
Metrix Proximity Probes in the 3000 series are for the installed base of older transducers in the 3000 series, which have “system lengths” in feet not meters and must match the driver “system length".

Other Metrix proximity probes/transducers are available and are compatible with installed proximity transducers in the 3300, 7200 and Bently Nevada 3300 XL series.

10000 (7200) Probe Series: 5 & 8mm

5 & 8mm tip diameter probes. Available in 5 and 9 meter system lengths.
Metrix 10000 Series probes are interchangeable with the probes in the Bently Nevada 7200 series rack monitors.  Although the 7200 series rack monitors are obsolete, the 7200 series proximity probe transducers are still on many machines in a variety of industries.

All proximity probes/transducers have third party approvals, comply with API 670 specifications.

10000 (7200) Probe Series: 11 mm

11mm tip diameter probes. Available in 5 and 9 meter system lengths.
Metrix probes for longer range applications to 160 mils: Probes, cables and drivers or transmitters are combined within a unique series and not mixed with other series (interchangeable with 7200 series and not others). The lengths of the probes and extension cables must combine for a system length of 5 or 9 meters.

All proximity probes/transducers have third party approvals, comply with API 670 specifications, and feature ProxMatch™ component coding and are ATEX approved.

10026 (7200) Probes: High Pressure

High Pressure probes can withstand pressures to 1000 PSI (6.89 MPa). Available in 5 and 9 meter system lengths.
High Pressure Proximity Probe can withstand pressures to 1000 psig. These probes are available in reverse mount only, have high pressure seals and are used with high pressure 5499 mounting accessories.

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