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High temperature thermometer
SensyTemp TSH200
High temperature combustion, annealing and melting processes are usually executed without pressure at temperature up to 1800 °C (3272 °F). As a result, the selection of the appropriate thermowell is the greatest challenge for temperature measurement.

Both the thermowell materials’ temperature resistance and their resistance to aggressive media are decisive. In conjunction with the appropriate thermocouple, the thermowell has a considerable effect on the temperature sensor’s measuring accuracy and service life.

You can benefit from optimal plant productivity and efficiency by selecting the appropriate and correctly dimensioned temperature sensor.


Our offering


TSh210 and tSh220

Straight thermocouples for high temperature applications in industrial furnaces, combustion processes and melting processes. It communicates via  4 to 20 mA, HART, PROFIBUS PA, FOUNDATION Fieldbus or direct sensor output. Approved ABB typical modular system:
►TSH210 with metal thermowell, for temperatures up to 1300 °C (2372 °F)
►TSH220 with ceramic thermowell, for temperatures up to 1800 °C (3272 °F)
►suitable to main process connections
►suitable to main process control systems
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