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Electronic and mechanical vibration switches for overall vibration monitoring and trending without the necessity of complex systems. Models available with Hazardous Area Ratings and explosion-proof housing. Our state-of-the-art electronic switches are programmable to suit user needs.


Our electronic switches offer single or dual setpoints, adjustable time delays, external setpoint adjustments and more.

  • SW5484E Compact Switch
  • SW5580 Smart Vibration Switch
  • 440 Economical Switch
  • 450 Economical Switch
  • SW6000 EP Switch w/internal source
  • SM6100 EP Switch w/external source
  • 5477B Two-Wire Solid State Switch
  • PRO 440, 450 & 6000 Switch Family


Meets all requirements in a single, affordable package.

  • 5550 / 5550G Vibration Switch
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