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Seismic sensors provide a dynamic AC signal output in mV/g or mV/in/sec. Devices with this type of output are generally intended for connection to a stand-alone vibration monitoring system rather than general automation and control instrumentation like a PLC or DCS. Metrix offers seismic sensors with a wide variety operating temperatures, frequency responses, scale factors, case materials, connector types, mounting options, and hazardous area approvals.

SA6200A API 670 Accelerometer

General purpose accelerometer designed for use on a wide variety of machine types
The SA6200A API 670 Accelerometer is capable of sensing a wide range of vibration frequencies, which
makes it ideal for use on a variety of machines. It consists of a temperature stabilized piezo-electric
sensor and an amplifier packaged together in a 316 stainless steel case。

5485C High Temp. Velocity Sensor

Moving-coil velocity sensor designed for machinery applications with surface temperatures of up to 375 C, such as industrial gas turbines
The Metrix 5485C High-Temperature Velocity Sensor is suitable for use in temperatures up to 375°C.  It is designed for gas turbines and other machinery with high surface temperatures where a velocity signal is desired.  The Metrix 5485C is standard equipment on most GE heavy-duty industrial gas turbines including the Frame 3, Frame 5, Frame 6, Frame 7, and Frame 9.

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