he DPT-2000 Temperature Transmitter is suitable for measuring temperatures between -200°C and 550°C, and comes with custom probe lengths and various thermowell options. With a high level of accuracy of ±0.075% across all sensors this product can be utilised in multiple industries, where a large range of temperatures are possible.  This product has been successful in the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Power and Water industries. It has also been used in the Food and Beverage industry.

Key Features
• High accuracy ±0.075%
• 4-20mA analogue with digital communications
• Fully HART ® compatible
• Programmable range, zero shift, characteristic and damping ratio with local panel keys
  ATEX certified (Intrinsic Safety, Flameproof)
• A backlit display facilitates local monitoring in light deficient environments by enhancing 
  display visibility
• The D-Series transmitters are easily set up and configured either using a standard HART 
  communicator or via Delta’s user-friendly ‘D-Soft’ communication software.
• The D-Series transmitters have a standard accuracy of 0.075% with even better accuracy
  being available upon request


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