The Hydrastep 2468 is the modern day equivalent of the site glass to monitor, display and measure the output level of the water/steam interface. For use on water tube boiler steam drums and de-aerators, the Hydrastep name has become synonymous with steam drum level measurement, and through its evolution has ensured plant safety globally for more than five decades. Assessed by an external body and found to be SIL 2 capable, according to the requirements of IEC 61508. It is recognised by boiler inspectors and plant insurers, the ASME approved design ensures Hydrastep can be used as a Remote Level Indicator in compliance with ASME Boiler Code PG60.1.1. It is also approved by Factory Mutual for boiler level control and recommended within the UK’s Combustion Engineering Association’s water tube boiler guide BG11. All of this expertise is backed up by over 6000 installations of Hydrastep around the globe. 

Key Features
• For use with 8 to 32 electrode inputs
• SIL 2 capable for use in a Safety Instrumented Function
• High clarity local and remote displays
• 32 segment green/red display of the water/steam interface level
• 4–20 mA output proportional to water/steam interface level
• Relay output option for high or low level alarms or trips
• Dual redundancy option for ultimate reliability
• Detect and indicate any fault conditions
• Contamination indication for preventative maintenance
• For use to 560 °C (1040 °F) and 300 Bar (4350 PSI)
• PED compliant as a Safety Accessory
• FM approved for boiler control
• Hazardous area approved


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