The MSM400 system continuously measures the suspended solids within sludges or slurries.  Many years of practical experience have shown that measurement of ultrasonic attenuation in a slurry is directly proportional to the percentage of suspended solids. The MSM400 system uses this principle to give a digital display and continuous output of the suspended solids measurement.

Commonly used in waste water treatment, industrial and mining plants and suitable for a wide range of fluids such as effluent, limestone slurry and China clay.  Applications include sludge blanket measurement and detection, and slurry density control. The MSM400 controller is used with ultrasonic gap sensors available for either tank or pipe installation with a range of gap sizes to suit the application. 

Key Features
• Sludge and slurry undissolved solids measurement, for up to 50% suspended solids
• LCD display of process values, menu for simple configuration and diagnostics
• 4–20 mA / HART output signal of measured value, two SPDT relays for control and alarm
• A range of rugged 316 stainless steel ultrasonic gap sensors
• Tank mount sensors with varying gap widths to suit process conditions
• Flanged pipe sections, or pipe mount kits, for in-line density measurement
• May be used for sludge blanket level detection for primary and secondary sludge and     
  industrial slurries
• Can provide an automatic control sequence to start a pump or control a valve for sludge 
  or settled product removal
• Gives a bright and clear indication of the measured value in poor light conditions


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