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Miscellaneous Accessories

[Positive Displacement Meter - Fittings]
Available for all Liquid Controls Positive Displacement meters. Sizes include, 1-1/2", 2", 3", 4". Types: NPT, BSPT, Weld

[Positive Displacement Meter - Fittings Victaulic Spools]
Available for M-60 and M-80 Meters in 4" size and are used in aircraft refueling installations.
[Positive Displacement Meter - Fittings Elbows]
Elbows are provided for M-5 and M-7 Meters to increase mounting flexibility of the Meter and accessories. Elbows for M-60/80 meters supplied with 4" or 6" ANSI or 4" Square bolt flanges.

[Positive Displacement Meter - Fittings Thermowells]
Thermowell assembly for mechanical TVC's are available for all aluminum M-Series Meters in 2", 3" and 4" pipe sizes. For Classes 7, 27 and 37 all ferrous construction meters and Class 8 stainless steel meters, a Stainless Steel 1" male NPT thermowell only is supplied. A 1" female NPT connection in the inlet pipeline to the meter is required to accept the thermowell.

MS-Series Meters are supplied with a 1" half coupling welded to the inlet spool to accept the thermowell. On all M-5, M-7, M-10, M-15 and M-25 or MA4, MA-5 or MA-7 or MA-15 Series Meters ordered with a Strainer and a Temperature Volume Compensator, the thermowell is supplied in the strainer cover assembly.

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