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Buoyancy Level Sensors and Switches


Buoyancy Level Sensors and Switches

ABB offers a complete line of buoyancy point level switches for just about any chemical, petroleum or general process application.

This family of products include horizontal floats, vertical floats, and displacer switches of all kinds. ABB's simple and reliable design offers great flexibility with custom insertion lengths, temperature ratings to 1000ºF/ 38ºC. Pressure ratings to 5000 psig/345 bar, and a wide selection of alloys. The ABB buoyancy switches are the highest quality and cost efficient solution to industrial liquid level point sensing.

Industries served:

  • Power
  • Oil and gas production

Our offering
LS Series Mechanical Level Switch

ABB's LS Series Mechanical Level Switches are the most rugged and durable liquid point-level detection products in the industrial marketplace today. ABB innovations such as the one-step switch point adjust and the hermetically sealed/dual compartment switching mechanism have eliminated the need for bulky housing covers that are associated with cracking, moisture ingress, high temperature fatigue, and ultimately switch failure. This configuration guide contains general guidelines and ordering data that will assist you in selecting the best float or displacer operated switch for your specific fluid level application. These switches are available in flanged or sealed chambers or as insertion models. ABB has over 100 configurations available.

LS 500 - Flanged top mount float  LS 510 - MNPT top mount float LS 550 - Flanged top mount displacer    LS 560 - MNPT top mount displacer
LS 600 - Flanged chamber float LS 700 - Sealed chamber float LS 800 - Flanged chamber displacer LS 900 - Sealed chamber displacer

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Buoyancy Level Switch

The K-TEK MS50 consists of latching reed switches totally enclosed in a stainless steel chamber (other materials available) and a float containing a magnet in which the switches will detect. The sensing element (chamber) and the float are normally inserted into the tank through a top process connection and can be mounted to the tank via flange, if desired. However, the unit can usually be mounted via a single 2" MNPT process connection. In addition, the float can generally be installed thought the same 2" process connection. A stilling well may be required if the process liquid is in a turbulent state. The MS50 will provide for the detection of start/stop trip points of either total or interface level in virtually any vessel. These trip points can be used for alarms or to activate a pump motor starter relay.

Buoyancy Level Switch

The K-TEK MS10 is a Single-pole, Double-throw Electric Switch Capable of Sensing the Liquid Level inside a Process Vessel. The MS10 Requires No Preventative Maintenance as it is Totally Sealed. It Provides either a Normally Open or Normally Closed Dry Contact to Activate External Devices such as Alarms or Solenoids. Variations in Process Fluid Specific Gravity have Minimal Effect on the Level Measured because of the Small Size of the Integral Float.


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