Digital Proximity System


Digital Proximity System (DPS)

Any Probe
(5mm, 8mm, 11mm)
Any Cable
Any Material
The Metrix DPS is one of our flagship products. It is suitable for many hazardous or extreme conditions from being fully submerged in LNG to a radiation flux in a nuclear power plant. It is fully compliant with the API 670 standard and offers full compatibility with probes and cables from other major manufacturers.


  • Fully API 670 compliant   
  • Field Configurability               
  • ETLc, ATEX, IECEx, and other Hazardous Area Ratings  
  • Compatible with Bently Nevada® and other major manufacturers, and all monitoring systems  
  • ABS Tier 2 Certified 


  • All Shaft Materials     
  • Unknown Shaft Materials 
  • Easily Trimmable System Lengths 
  • TightView™ for Limited Clearances
  • All Competitors Probes and Cables   
  • Legacy Probes and Cables
  • No Crosstalk
  • Configurable Spike Suppression 
The DPS is a 3-part system consisting of a Probe Driver or Transmitter, Probe and Extension Cable.

MX2033 3-Wire Driver

The Metrix proximity system can work with any monitor rack that is advertised to accept 200 mV/mil (7.87 mV/µm) or 100 mV/mil (3.93 mV/µm). It is proven to work with multiple different manufacturers that produce monitor rack vibration monitoring systems.

MX2034 4-20 mA Transmitter

The MX2034 proximity transmitter provides thrust, radial vibration, or shaft speed measurements directly to PLCs, DCSs, SCADA systems, or other instrumentation that accepts an ISA standard 4-20 mA signal, without the use of a separate monitor system.

MX8030 Proximity Probe

Metrix* MX8030 probe series consist of 5mm and 8mm tip diameter probes with VibeLock™* connectors and Triaxial Cables.  VibeLock™* ensures the proximity probe and extension cable connection is made properly and stays connected. No special tools are required.  The Triaxial Cable provides an extra protective barrier for the proximity probe cable system to prevent excessive wear during installation

MX8031 Extension Cables

MX8031 Extension Cable System comes standard with VibeLock™* and Triaxial Cables. The VibeLock™* feature ensures a proximity probe and extension cable connection is made properly and stays connected. No special tools are required. The Triaxial Cable provides an extra layer of protection to help prevent excessive wear during installation and in high vibration areas.  The external shield of the Triaxial Cable is not used electrically, but it is used for additional physical cable/signal protection.

TightView™ Proximity System

NEW TightView™ Proximity System was designed to fit very tight spaces and provide an excellent linear measurement compared to competitive products for similar applications

MX2030 Probe Series

5 & 8mm tip diameter probes. Available in 5 and 9 meter system lengths

MX2031 Cable Series

Extension cable available in 4, 4.5, 8 and 8.5 meters.

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