Quality Proximity Drivers 

Metrix proximity drivers are interchangeable with Bently Nevada® Series 3300, 7200, and 3000 probes and cables.
The flexible Metrix MX2033 Driver can be reconfigured to handle any of these probe / cable combinations.

MX2033 3-Wire Driver

Dynamic Voltage Output (mV/mm or mV/mil)
The Metrix* MX2033 combines the performance of a fully API 670-compliant eddy-current proximity measurement system with the flexibility of digital configurability. For the first time, users can configure their transducer system in the field using a custom field-generated curve as well as factory pre-configured calibrations for over 20 target materials,  a variety of probe tip diameters, manufacturers, extension cable lengths, and linear ranges. Product aprox. weight: 247 g (8.7 oz)

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