E018 Flow rate Monitor / Totalizer


Explosion proof - Flow rate Monitor / Totalizer


Product description

The E018 is one of the top models in our range of explosion proof flow computers. In addition to the average K-Factor, 16 linearization points can be entered. The unit will interpolate between these points greatly enhancing accuracy in any flow range. Moreover, a continuous flow rate monitoring feature is available with high and low flow rate alarm values and four alarm outputs. The E-series is distinguished by its high quality manufacturing and its functionality driven European design.

Ruggedness and reliability is where Fluidwell stands for and it is now available in a comprehensive well designed and purpose driven Explosion proof flow monitor / totalizer.


  • Saves time and improves flexibility with the through-glass keypad: no need to open the front cover.
  • Familiar easy operation with the Fluidwell "Know one, know them all" configuration structure, saving time, cost and aggravation.
  • Durable high-grade stainless steel 316L Ex d enclosure withstanding extreme (maritime) conditions.
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