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Laser level transmitters


Laser level transmitters

ABB is a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art level and volume instrumentation for liquid and bulk solids detection. The family of non-contact laser volume and level products, LLT100, LM80, and LM200, provide solutions for accurate measurement in the following applications: inventory in bunkers, blending hoppers, reactor vessels, level control, volumetric measurement, and various dry bulk solids and liquids in silos.

These maintenance-free products meet the demands of process automation and inventory management in several industries such as mining, aggregates, oil and gas, chemicals, food and beverages, pharma, water and waste water.

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Laser level transmitter LLT100

The LLT100 is a high performance laser transmitter that accurately measures level, distance and position over short and long ranges. It is a non-contact, level measuring instrument designed for industrial applications and harsh environments. It provides continuous, non-contact level measurement capabilities for process automation and inventory management in industries such as mining, aggregates, oil and gas, chemicals, food and beverages, power, pulp and paper, pharma, and water and waste water.

Dust tube – Avoids dirt or splashing liquids on the window
Purge ring
– Allow air purge in front of LLT100 window. Can be usedwith dust tube to purge tube.
Cooling tube – Increases max. process temperature to 280°C/535°F
Heated window 
– Prevents condensation on window (requires 4 wire power)
Integral Through-the-Glass user interface
– Configuration directly on the unit
Rotating bracket – Ideal for aiming the LLT100 laser beam
Swivel flange
– Provides precise aiming of the LLT100 laser beam. Especially useful in liquid applications
Laser pointer tool 
– Used to provide a visual reference when aligning LLT100
– Reflective panel for positioning applications up to 200 m (656 ft)

Long range laser level transmitter LM200

The LM200 Laser is a laser-based distance measuring instrument used in process control systems. The on-board microprocessor calculates distance by multiplying the speed of light by the time it takes for a laser pulse to travel from the instrument to a target and back.
The measuring laser uses invisible, infrared light. There is a second, visible aiming laser to help with the alignment of the measuring laser. The laser beams have very little divergence so that accurate targeting is easy even in silos or vessels that have internal structures.
•Range up to 190 m (623 ft) for level applications
•Range up to 400 m (1312 ft) for positioning applications
•Continuous level monitoring for granular solid materials and opaque liquids
•Measures solids and opaque liquids at any angle
•Built-in laser pointer for accurate alignment in narrow or tall vessels
•No Beam Divergence = No False Echoes


Intermediate range laser level transmitter LM80

Based on pulsed laser technology, the LM80 embodies speed and accuracy in a single, easy to use and install product. Whether measuring a few meters into the confined space of a crusher, or to the bottom of the tallest silo, the LM80 with its laser pointer and long range is the plug-and-play solution to level measurement.

The LM80 features advanced timing and sophisticated signal processing for pinpoint accuracy at up to 100 m (330 ft.) for level applications and up to 150 m (500 ft.) for positioning applications.
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