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Magnetic Level Gauges


Magnetic Level Gauges
ABB's magnetic level gauge switches for point level alarm and/or control can mount to a KM26 magnetic level gauge or an LS Series cage level switch. 

These switches are completely isolated from the process fluid as they are magnetically activated by a magnet equipped float (KM26) or attraction sleeve (LS Series). The unique magnetic coupling action eliminates seals, diaphragms, springs, and torque tubes common to other level switching alternatives since there is no physical contact with the process fluid. The magnetic coupling also eliminates process connections to the switch; therefore, no isolation valves are required to block off the switch for maintenance. The switch "set point" is easily adjustable without changing any process piping and the result is a more reliable and easier way to maintain level system.


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Magnetic level gauge KM26

The KM26 seriesconsist of the KM26S (side mounted), KM26T (top mounted).
The ABB model KM26S and KM26T liquid level magnetic level gauge are designed for use in applications where a simple gauge glass cannot or should not be used. Due to its superior design, the KM26S and KM26T can safely be used with flammable, corrosive or toxic liquids; or where operating conditions exceed safety limits of glass. The rugged construction of the KM26S and KM26T make them ideally suited for use in operating environments where extreme temperature and / or pressure may be encountered.The basic KM26S and KM26T systems consist of a 1. sealed float, 2. float chamber and 3. an indicator assembly. The float chamber is connected directly to the process vessel.
The float contains a magnet assembly and is designed and weighted to float in the process liquid submerged approximately 70 to 80%. The indicator assembly consists of a hermetically sealed glass or polycarbonate tube containing the shuttle or magnetic bar graph indicator and a graduated scale corresponding to the desired operating range. The indicator assembly is mounted in close proximity to the float chamber. Magnetic coupling exists between the float and the indicator. As the float follows the changing liquid level, the indicator changes position to reflect that level based on the magnetic coupling action.
The float chamber of the standard KM26 is mounted as a communicating chamber to the process vessel. It is usually flange mounted, but different mounting options are available upon request. 

MagWave Dual Chamber Level System MW05

The MagWave is a level measurement system which combines a highly visible magnetic level indication with an output from a Guided Wave Radar Transmitter.
The MagWave features two separate close-coupled chambers for the level indicator float and the Guided Wave Radar antenna. Using single probe radar transmitters in the standard 1-1/2 inch chamber provides the measurement capabilities of coaxial style probes without the potential for fouling due to buildup. The separate float chamber allows the float to travel unobstructed throughout the range of measurement. Redundant level control can be achieved by adding a magnetostrictive transmitter or switches to the float chamber.


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