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Magnetostrictive level transmitters


Magnetostrictive level transmitters
ABB's K-TEK level products' patented sensor technology allows the LMT series transmitters to be used in the most challenging of industrial level applications such as interface measurement, compressor level and separator level applications. In addition, the LMT Series Level Transmitters are the only magnetostrictive level transmitters in the world to be certified for use in SIL2 and SIL3 systems per IEC61508.
ABB's K-TEK level products' magnetostrictive transmitters are used extensively around the world to provide continuous level indication and transmission of an analog and/or digital signal for monitoring or control. The unique design allows increased level sensing resolution which is more than 100 times greater than a conventional reed switch type device. The Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter versatility allows direct in-tank installation (LMT100) or external mounting (LMT200) to a magnetic level gauge. HART and FOUNDATION Fieldbus options make our magnetostrictive level transmitters easy to connect digitally to most control systems.


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Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter 


High accuracy liquid level and interface level detection 

LMT100 is preferred for:
• Interface Measurement
• Exceptional performance with emulsion
• Measurement with foam on layers fluid surface
• Hydrocarbons and chemical control

• Never requires re-calibration: set it & forget it
• Local indication with HMI display
• Dual compartment housing with separate field terminal compartment
• Loop powered to 22m (75ft) probe length
• Total and/or interface level measurement
• Pressure to 165.48 bar (2400 psig) Std. 124.1 bar (1800 psig)
• Temperature range: -195.5 to 426.6ºC (-320 to 800ºF) with options
• Digital communications

• Two level indications
• RTD for process temperature measurement

Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter 


High accuracy non-intrusive liquid level and interface level detection 

• Never requires re-calibration: set it & forget it
• Easy setup with waveform display
• Not affected by agitation, foam or emulsion layers
• Designed to Mount Externally to K-TEK KM26 or other Magnetic Level Gauge
• Loop Powered to 15.24m (50ft) Probe Length
• Total and/or Interface Level Measurement
• Temperature Range: -195.5 to 426.6ºC (-320 to 800ºF) with options
• Digital communications
• Online Self-verification

• Two level indications
• Built-in surge protection


Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter 


The AT100 is Based Upon the Magnetostrictive Principle. The Sensing Tube Contains a Wire, which is Pulsed at Fixed Time Intervals and the Interaction of the Current Pulse with the Magnetic Field Created by the Magnetic Float. 

The AT200 Transmitter Features One Moving Part, a Float, that Provides Continuous Level Reading Via Common Industry Protocols Such as 4-20 mA, HART, Honeywell DE, Foundation Fieldbus, while Deriving its Source of Power from the Control Loop. The Transmitter Detects the Position of the Float within the Float Chamber by Using "Time of Flight" Technology to Calculate Distance. The Resulting, Non-Contact, Level Measurement is Highly Accurate.

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