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Multivariable Transmitters


Multivariable transmitters
The Multivariable transmitter measures and calculates the mass flow as a function of differential pressure DP as well as absolute pressure and the temperature. Therefore it should be used whenever DP flow measurement needs a compensation of temperature and pressure. The main advantage is to have just one single device in the field instead of several transmitters and a mass flow calculator.

Our offering

266CSH, 266CST, 266JSH and 266JST

Base accuracy

-0.075 % of calibrated span (266CSH, 266JSH)

-0.04 % of calibrated span (266CST, 266JST)

266CSH/CST mass flow measurement with compensation, levelmeasurement with compensation for gases, steam and liquids

-Dynamic compensation of pressure and temperature changes

266JSH/JST high-performance transmitter for measuring differentialpressure, absolute pressure and process temperature in a single device

266CSH / CST / JST with Modbus® communication

266CRH, 266CRT, 266JRH and 266JRT

Base accuracy

-0.075 % of calibrated span (266CRH, 266JRH)

-0.04 % of calibrated span (266CRT, 266JRT)

266CRH/CRT mass flow measurement with compensation,level measurement with compensation for gases, steam,and liquids

-Dynamic compensation of pressure and temperature changes

266JRH/JRT high-performance transmitter for measuringdifferential pressure, absolute pressure, and processtemperature in a single device

266CRH / CRT with Modbus® communication

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