Products Remote Seals For Pressure Measurement

Remote Seals For Pressure Measurement


Pressure measurement remote seals
S26 line, together with 266 pressure transmitter family represents high reliability combining the exceptional features of the 266 series for gauge, absolute and differential pressure measurement. S26 line allows optimum design for each application without compromising transmitters’ performances.

Thanks to the proven Taylor’s “All-Welded” technology, ABB is the best choice for remote seals. The S26 line includes a wide choice of process connections that allows the user to always pick the right one for his installation requirements.

The innovative wetted materials open new frontiers to enhance existing measurement life and implement new demanding applications with trust. Moreover, we offer special designed remote seals for individual process solutions adding flexibility for the most demanding custom installations.

Our offering


S26WA and S26WE

Wafer / Pancake style remote seal


Chemical Tee Remote Seal



Rotating flange diaphragm seal - Ring Joint 


S26FA and S26FE

Fixed flange diaphragm seals – flush and extended


Off-line Threaded Connection Seal

S26MA and S26ME

Off-Line Flanged Connection Remote Seal

S26MA and S26ME

 Button Type remote seal


Remote Seal for Urea Service


Food and Sanitary seal

Figure : 4 in. Cherry Burrell Aseptic

S26RA, S26RE, S26RH and S26RJ

Rotating flange diaphragm seals – flush and extended 

Flush rotating-flange seals (flushing ring as an option)

Extended rotating-flange seals

Flush rotating-fange (API) ring-joint construction

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