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Cable Thermometers and Compact Thermometers


Screw-in thermometer
SensyTemp TSC400
Screw-in thermometers SensyTemp TSC400 based on MI-cable for fast and accurate temperature measurement. Rough environmental conditions, hazardous areas, flexible assembly, fast response times, accuracy, skills of SensyTemp TSC400 screw-in thermometers.

Our offering


TSC420 and TSC430

  • Fastest possible measuring results through direct contact of the sheathed cable with the medium
  • Widest application ranges through optimum sheath materials
  • Subsequent installation possible by surface mounting
  • Optimal usage due to a combination of mechanical an electrical interfaces
  • TSC420 screw-in thermometer with direct electrical connection
  • TSC430 screw-in thermometer with connection cable 
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