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pH/ORP sensors


pH/ORP sensors

ABB's next generation range of sensors bring together over 70 years of pioneering pH sensor development and application expertise with the latest advanced digital technology and sensor diagnostics.

Our offering 

►100E general purpose 12 mm pH/redox (ORP) sensor - Model : APS110
100 GP pH/ORP analog sensor - Model : APS121
100 GP-D pH/ORP digital sensor - Model : APS122
100 ULTRA pH/ORP analog sensor - Model : APS131
100 ULTRA-D pH/ORP digital sensor - Model : APS132
500 PRO pH/ORP analog sensor - Model : APS521
500 PRO-D pH/ORP digital sensor - Model : APS522
700 ULTRA pH/ORP analog sensor - Model : APS731
700 ULTRA-D pH/ORP digital sensor - Model : APS732

pH / redox electrode system2867

The pH / redox electrode system 2867 with industrial dip electrode is designed for pH and redox measurement in channels and open tanks. It is particularly suitable for use in effluent treatment applications where automatic temperature compensation is not required.

Flow-through pH sensor 7600

Designed specifically for power and potable water industry applications
• where pH and REDOX (ORP) measurements are critical
Optical stainless steel flowcell
• essential for high purity water applications
Economical option for applications where the conductivity is above 20 μS/cm
• utilizing a polypropylene flowcell
Flowing reference junction option
• provides a very stable junction potential in high purity water or high suspended solids applications
Replaceable reference junction
• simple to replace for reliable, low-cost maintenance
Separate detachable-lead electrodes
• provides versatility and low-cost electrode replacement
Low resistance electrode option
• for fast response in low temperature applications

Polypropylene systems - Model : 7651 / 7653
►Stainless steel system - Model : 7660

pH / redox (ORP) sensor

AP100 pH/Redox (ORP) cartridge sensor - Model : AP101 / AP102 / AP103 / AP104
AP121 12mm combination pH sensor - Model : AP121
AP200 Rugged pH/Redox (ORP) sensor systems with rapid temperature response for critical processes - Model : AP201 / AP202 / AP203
AP300 Combination pH/Redox (ORP) sensors - Model : AP301 / AP302 / AP303 / AP304 / AP305

TBX5 pH, Redox (ORP) sensors with diagnostics

TB5 series sensors use Solid-State Next Step references. The TBX5 series denotes Next Step Advantage types with integral solution ground.
Ryton sensors
Model : TB551 / TBX551
Kynar sensors
Model : TB556 / TBX556
Hot-tap retractable sensors
Model : TB557 / TBX557
Sterilizable sensors
Model : TB561 / TBX561
High pressure hot-tap retractable sensors
Model : TB564 / TBX564
High pressure in-line sensors
Model : TB567 / TBX567

pH / redox (ORP) retractable sensor for smaller installations TBX587

The Endura pH / Redox (ORP) Sensor TBX587 is the latest addition to our comprehensive industrial pH sensor product line. This new pH sensor uses the familiar solid state Next Step Reference design offered in our TB5 and TBX5 product lines.The sensor targets smaller 1 in. process connections found in sample lines in refineries, chemical plants, and other industrial applications. This product, combined with the successful TB(X)557 retractable sensor, TB(X)564 high pressure sensor, and the TB18 Safe-T-Clean valve allows ABB to address nearly any insertion sensor installation. 
►Model : TBX587