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Vibrating Fork Level Switch


Vibrating Fork Level Switch

The RS85 utilizes a piezoelectric driven tuning fork thatexhibits a large change in resonant frequency whenimmersed in any liquid.
A 'smart' microprocessor–basedelectronic unit keeps the sensor in a resonant state as itchanges from dry to wet or wet to dry.The resonantfrequency is continuously monitored for changes created bya wet or dry sensor and an alarm is provided via a drycontact relay.
An important feature of the RS85 is that itsresonant frequency is not significantly affected by coatingon the fork until the space between the forks is bridged.
The RS85’s ability to identify true liquid level in viscous,coating or aerated liquids is unparalleled. The continuousself–test electronics checks for fault conditions such aspiezo crystal damage or excessive product build up on thesensor.
Applications include high/low liquid level detectionwithout concern for parameters such as specific gravity,dielectric constant or mounting position of the sensor
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