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Seismic transmitters provide a 4-20mA DC signal output proportional to the vibration amplitude, and are ideal for applications where a PLC, DCS, or other automation system will be used instead of a stand-alone vibration monitor. Metrix offers seismic transmitters with a wide variety operating temperatures, frequency responses, scale factors, case materials, connector types, mounting options, and hazardous area approvals.

ST5484E Velocity Transmitter

A sensor and signal conditioner in a single package
The Metrix ST5484E is a self-contained, loop-powered seismic velocity transmitter that incorporates a piezo-electric accelerometer, signal integrator, RMS peak detector, and 4-20 mA signal conditioner into a single, robust package.   Its 4-20 mA output signal is compatible with most industrial process control instrumentation such as PLCs, DCSs, and SCADA systems, allowing trending and/or alarming capabilities for a simple, economical vibration monitoring solution. 

ST5491E Indicating

Indicating vibration transmitter plus signal conditioner
This indicating vibration transmitter and signal conditioner in a single package built to provide years of reliable service. The ST5491E is the ideal solution for sensing vibration on most plant equipment. A simple two-wire loop signal proportional to velocity is generated for transfer to a programmable logic controller (PLC), distributed control system (DCS) or other 4-20 mA input devices

ST6900 Compact Series

Acceleration and Velocity Transmitter
ST6900 Series case mounted transmitters interface directly with PLC, DCS and 4-20 mA input monitors. Their compact size allows for installation in tight places. Model ST6911 is 4-20 mA proportional to acceleration while Model ST6917 is proportional to velocity. 

IT6810 Impact

Mechanical looseness detecto
Impact Transmitter with integral signal conditioner. Measures mechanical looseness with the convenience of 4-20 mA loop powered sensor technology and a 2 pin MIL-C-5015 style connector.

It has a built-in piezoelectric crystal sensing element, and uses a timing function as part of it’s severity determination. An impact event counter and memory device is used to record events meeting a preset amplitude threshold level.

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