Power supplies with IP67 degree of protection

Power supplies with IP67 degree of protection

Robust for supply in the field

TRIO POWER IP67 power supplies are waterproof and dustproof. They were specifically developed for applications outside of the control cabinet. This device has an INC device connection, thus increasing its installation flexibility.

Main features


  • IP67 degree of protection
  • High shock and vibration resistance, plus electric strength
  • Efficiency: >92%
  • Wide temperature range: -25°C … +70°C
  • Connection method: INC


Your benefits


  • Direct installation at the load in the field reduces cable lengths and saves space in the control cabinet
  • The robust die-cast aluminum housing ensures high system availability with resistance to extreme environmental conditions (temperature, dust, and water)
  • Improved diagnostic options in the field with DC OK LED and AC OK LED
  • NEC Class 2 (POUT <100 W)



Model Item number
TRIO-PS67/1AC/24DC/3.75/M12 - Power supply unit 1278165                                                       
TRIO-PS67/1AC/24DC/3.75/IPD - Power supply unit 1278301
TRIO-PS67/1AC/24DC/3.75/M12-A - Power supply unit 1376306
TRIO-PS67/1AC/24DC/3.75/INC - Power supply unit 1278302
TRIO-PS67/1AC/24DC/10/M12/5P - Power supply unit 1395808
TRIO-PS-IP67/1AC/24DC/20 - Power supply unit 1039830
TRIO-PS-IP67/3AC/24DC/20 - Power supply unit 1039829
TRIO-PS67/1AC/24DC/10/M12 - Power supply unit 1111634
TRIO-PS67/1AC/24DC/10/IPD - Power supply unit 1111664
TRIO-PS67/1AC/24DC/8/INC - Power supply unit 1065976


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